Stories from JAMMIN: Terra da Fraternidade

IES of Milladoiro, Terra da Fraternidade is a short film made in the secondary school IES Milladoiro, in Ames, next to Santiago de Compostela. It is a video-diary of the JAMMIN project developed by a group of the centre. The piece mixes fictional
scenes, interpreted by the students and other collaborators, with documentary material shot in their own sessions.

After the work of the whole course, in April 2021 an artistic intervention was prepared to claim a space of fraternity, community and dialogue. At first, this performance was recorded in order to be able to comment on it later in class. Finally, it was made the decision to make a video that would gather all the experience in order to show it to the world, but also to reflect on the journey made and the lessons learnt.

The script was written by the students and the other people who participated with them in the JAMMIN project. It was decided to take advantage of the material that was recorded in the sessions during the whole course and represent some episodes that served to contextualize all the actions that took place.

It was filmed in the school centre itself, mainly during class hours (twice a week), and also some recess and afternoon.

For the editing, common decisions were taken in class to go on correcting the different versions and achieve a final result that everyone liked. The video mixes real images with animations to represent the forms of digital communication.

After many hours of work, IES do Milladoiro. Terra da Fraternidade was presented in public for the first time in May 2021, during the JAMMIN Meeting in Galicia, in a session as exciting as it was enriching. It was also used in Tortona, as a starting point for to reflect on non-formal education through the experiences of these students.

By Lucía Ramiro and Manolo Maseda