Stories from CULTURE IN A TIN: the project before JAMMIN

“CULTURE IN A T-IN! Theatre for INclusion, INtegration and INtercultural Dialogue” was a youth exchange that took place from June 18th to June 27th, 2017, in Brussels (Belgium) and involved around 40 young people (aged 18-25) from 6 different countries (Belgium, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece and FYROM/Macedonia), including a group of young Syrian refugees living in Belgium. 

CULTURE IN A T-IN can also be considered one of the projects that inspired later on JAMMIN.

The main aim of the project was to explore theatre as a social tool and methodology to foster inclusion, integration and intercultural dialogue, giving the chance to young europeans and young migrants/refugees to meet and create bridges and to redefine the concept of “culture” by opening themselves to each other and by getting to know each other story. 

Here’s the video of the final performance “THE GAME OF LIFE”. All videos were filmed in the “Eglise du Beguinage – St. Jean of Molenbeek”. 

A big THANK YOU for the videos also goes to Iyad Tatari and Malek Alama.

The Journey


Circus Tirana

Red Monkey

The Game of Life