Edu-APIculture: youth work in pandemic times 

We are edu-apiculturers (Culture educators on API: Arts, Participation and Inclusion), on top of safety measures, we are dressed as bee-keepers.

There are FEARS

  • Some might be reasonable: world wide pandemic context
  • Some might be unreasonable: lack of information, uncertainty, on top of pre-existing issues and lack of balance

We are not aiming to confront the fears: not go against, not to convince anyone

We are aiming to face the fears: to go with, to allow people to explore and find themselves

We do not challenge the existing rules, assumptions, concerns, procedures…

We do understand them and behave being responsible at any time, with everything, for everyone.

We adopt and adapt to the existing rules. 

With a sense of responsibility we will explore   the empty spaces.

Physical meetings

Whenever possible, we do promote face to face meetings (as in the “old” times!)

  • risk assessments and prevention
  • keeping physical distance
  • safety measures such as use of masks, gloves, desinfection, etc… according to local and timely rules
  • concerns about air quality. Open air whenever possible
  • minimise the use of physical materials
  • movement and interaction without challenging any safety rules

Online meetings

Though online, they should keep a spark of joy. They should not overload with technology, but promote empowerment and interaction 

Under new norm Art is also needed!

Most of the procedures, environments, objectives, methods, approaches… we used to have, both as artists and educators… seem to be illegal under new norm rules!!

  • We 100% understand the rules under the current circumstances, for the seek of physical health
  • We understand that the current circumstances do not avoid the social & spiritual needs that Humankind has had since is very origins


  • it becomes urgent to address those needs 
  • there’s a need for new approaches
  • an awakening is needed, awakening to  reborn

We need a new Educational Arts, Participation and Inclusion Culture!

  • Positive vibes
  • Educational arts
  • Earth lovers
  • Humankindness 

APIculture in Secondary Schools

We are taking the current pandemic circumstances as a sort of social experience. 

We adopt strictly the rules by the Galician Ministry of Education.

We aim not only to avoid fears among the school community (pupils, teachers, parents and administration) but to go a step further: to become active agents on protection against COVID and on/for/through Human Rights Education (inclusion, social innovation, creativity and humanitarian care)

The use of mask is mandatory permanently.

Mobility is reduced to a minimum.

Safety distance between chairs/tables must be at least 1,5m.

Physical contact and exchange of objects are not allowed.

Edu-A.P.I.Culture in Milladoiro High School

We are edu-apiculturers (Culture educators on API: Arts, Participation and Inclusion)

On top of safety measures, we are dressed as bee-keepers

Why bee-keepers?

  • Educational APIculture
  • Resembles medical outfit against plagues: reminds safety 
  • It brings surprise though it does not sound scary (ie, as if we were using anti-pollution masks)
  • Bee-keepers bring together Humans and Nature: eco-message without wording
  • It is worthy to distinguish this action from any other one at the school: we call the attention but we are not scary. So it avoids rejection but provides empathy and curiosity.