Interactuandiño no tempo libre

Gathering of Non Formal Educators organized in November 2019 by the JAMM-IN team in cooperation with the Galician Directorate of Youth.

Youth workers, leisure animators, social educators and people dealing with disabilities jammed into inclusion and active participation during a weekend, in an open space for discussions on the needs and practice of the NFE in Galicia, creative workshops, fun, Arts and constructive dialogue.

It was meant to set the ground for an active participation strategy along 2020 in cooperation with the Galician Directorate of Youth that unfortunately had to be suspended due the COVID emergency.

Nevertheless, as a result of this gathering NFE methods were successfully transferred into a formal setting such as the yearly Forum of Families of mental disabled people organized by “Plena Inclusión Galicia” in December 2019.

The social theatre scenes created during the INTERACTUANDIÑO gathering workshops were performed in the formal setting of the Forum of Families. They were appetizers for a World Cafe discussion session of one hour and a half long with 100 people who have never witnessed such a method… and they all loved it.

When: Autumn 2019

Where: Bergondo, Galicia

Who: Daquiedacolà

 Partner: Galician Directorate of Youth