Garbagna in Arte

“Garbagna in Arte” is an artistic contest created by La Fenice in collaboration with Garbagna municipality, a small town in Piedmont. “Garbagna in Arte” was born from the idea of giving a new look to the anonymous cassettes (the gas meters) of the center of Garbagna thanks to 20 small works created by young artists from the provinces of the territory. 

The best ideas that represented the theme of the contest were then portrayed on the cassette with the support of a professional painter.

The theme of the contest is inspired by a letter of the Italian writer Cesere Pavese:

3rd October 1948

To Hemingway, 

Did you ever seen Piedmontese hills? They are brown, yellow and dusty, sometimes green…

You’d like them.

Yours C. P.

Cesare Pavese

The hills are a predominant element of the local reality of Garbagna and their morphological features can be seen as a metaphor of inclusion where the hills welcome and embrace with their gentle features. The result is a re-interpretation of the concept of inclusion as sentiment: the hills as a cozy and warm image made of familiar colors.

The initial proposals were then reworked respecting the technical and stylistic approach by adding to each work a star, a tribute to the pavement of Piazza Doria, the main square of Garbagna.