Canovaccio for debriefing used in the JAMMIN Inclusive tour

A debriefing is not to sit in front of a group and ask them random questions. Too often we feel surprised when someone is able to guide a group talk… and it works! Very likely, there’s a flow behind that.

The hosting before the activity becomes crucial. An effective introduction will catch the group’s attention and open up personal availability. It should also provide hints for observation and tools for reflection. 

Immediately after the activity, it comes the need to speak up and break the ice.

It’s nice when everyone can speak out-loud in plenary, at least one single word. 

With very big groups it also works some time for sharing with the neighbour, in small groups or breakout rooms.

The quality of the listening is essential. When the facilitator pays attention to every single word and sight, those who speak out will feel acknowledged and grateful, then others will more easily show willingness to share. 

People are often shy, that’s why repeating and kind of broadcasting words shared under whispers allows people to hear their own words. 

Some others can be jokers. The facilitator must find a balance between ensuring respect and quality listening, on one side, and freedom of speech and a super relaxed environment on the other. Sometimes we need to rescue the positive side of a joke, and thus make the person feel acknowledged not only as a joker but as a wise one. 

Some comments allow facilitators to build boundaries and show the pathways of respect and Human Rights Education.

Let them talk 🙂

Too often we are afraid to shyness or impoliteness… and we do not really allow the group talk. Some other times we are afraid to get lost… you simply need a U-flow!

Cannovaccio of debriefing applied during the Inclusive tour:

One Word

In order to break the ice, every person in the audience is asked to say one word. One word about the performance that they have just watched. One single word.

Facilitator starts at one corner and gives the word to every person in the room, one after the other. So, everyone feels, thinks, and speaks. 


“Art brings emotions. Are we able to name our emotions? What emotions have you felt? What was the most touching? What moved you? How was it?

The most 

“What shocked you the most? 

“What did you like the most?

“What was the most shocking and surprising to you?

“What did you like the most?

Dare to share

“With your own words, tell how was it for you

“How did you feel?

“What does it recall?

Facilitator should acknowledge every contribution: thank it, highlight it, summarize it, comment… It also allows for new topics and questions. Feel the flow and fill the air.


After sharing: listening and being listened 

Summarize what you have learned

Summarize how do you feel now

Follow-up & Farewell

Final words with open heart


Good wishes