JAMM-IN in O Milladoiro

New norm after the first lock-down has meant safety restrictions and adaptations of many kinds.

The original approach intended for JAMMIN consisting of the development of a consistent set of tools to be tested with the maximum quantity of diverse groups possible, had to be canceled and turned into an intense work with a small group of participants.

The target identified for this second round of interactions between Formal and Non Formal Education has been a High School in O Milladoiro, a dormitory town nearby Santiago de Compostela with cheaper housing where people with fewer opportunities and migrant population overlap in an environment of certain social conflict and low cultural and socioeconomic perspectives.  

A new team was created, composed of 2 NFE educators and 2 teachers who meet regularly almost every week to prepare the weekly 50’ sessions that happen uninterruptedly every Friday from early December 2020 till the end of June 2021. The working group was 13 students aged 14-15 who carry on their shoulders a long history of frustration and are not really perceived as the best pupils in the school.

When: December 2020 – June 2021

Where: Santiago de Compostela

Who: Daquiedacolà

Partner school: IES High School O Milladoiro